Dedicated to Dr. David Moore’s “Circle of Life”

Over the last six months I have been meeting many fantastic leaders in the Social Media arena. I have had the fortune to interact with many great people and learn from their vast experiences and wisdom. Amongst these professionals, I’ve come across some real gems.

Today I want to introduce you to Dr. David Moore PhD; a person so multifaceted that he puts diamonds to shame. I suggest anyone reading this to follow, by hook or by crook, my new friend. At the end of this article you can find links to the World of Dr. Moore!!

Recently I came across a mantra he wrote and published that really caught my attention and imagination. David calls it his personal “Circle of Life”. I found it to be spiritually empowering and I love the continuity of the phrases. I was so impressed by the mantra that I was immediately inspired to produce a poster to help me visualize David’s philosophy.

So, without further ado, let me raise the curtain on this masterpiece of a mantra that David has so kindly given me permission to reproduce here:


…and here is my very personal visual representation of David Moore’s “Circle of Life”.


Links to A4 and hi res poster at end of article

Are you hungry for more Moore…YES…well, click the links below for enlightenment and education.

The Moore Consortium Website

Dave Moore Unleashed in his Blog

Try linking with Dave on Linkedin 

Don’t get caught with egg on your face…find Dave on Facebook

You don’t need to Google…just click +1 when Dave writes

Have wings, will fly…Dave on Twitter

…and it gets even better…catch Dave in the following Twitter Chat Streams. Use the following hashtags to filter out the noise and hear what we are discussing with Dave:





Want my artwork>>Get the accompanying poster:

Download A4 / A3 pdf version

Download full high resolution png version

LARGE 10.6Mb

3508 x 4961


4 thoughts on “Dedicated to Dr. David Moore’s “Circle of Life”

    • Thanks for your kind words, Dan. I have you and the rest of the Leader community members for having given me the opportunity to know better David Moore and many other fantastic people. The G+ LeadWithGiants and BeALeader communities have given me a direction…and an incentive to produce more articles…and art.

  1. Thanks, Enzo:
    “I know because I do it” is phenomenology (Husserl, Merleau-Ponty). Good enough to dispose of much philosophy and other transcendental figments of our imagination.
    For self-evident proof of what Dave says see BREEN on the American Revolution.

  2. Hi Aldo, nice of you to comment again. Your reading tips are always very welcome and I’ll make a point of researching your suggestions.

    I agree that the mantra has a very down to earth basis that I can relate to easier than some more esoteric theories. It reminds me that everything I need is within myself…just need to find it, trap it, use it and keep it safe from outside influences that do their best to make me stop “believing” in myself.

    Thanks again and take care 🙂

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