My Free Tweet Chat Tool for the Twitter Community

Do you use Twitter as a discussion tool? Do you follow #Hashtag discussion groups? Yes?…read on…

If you’re anything like me, Tweet Chats can be quite confusing. Tweets fly by and you try to keep up. At the same time you want to comment but typing your comment isn’t always that easy when you have to remember to add #hashtags, @names, etc., and keep the tweet to 140 characters.

I know there are great tools to help with Twitter. You can use Hootsuite or TweetDeck to prepare and schedule tweets but I’ve always found them too fiddly during Tweet Chats.

Fed up of searching for the tool I needed, I decided to make my own using Excel. I’ve been using it for nearly a year and I’ve decided to share it with everyone.

It isn’t anything special or overly complicated. Quite simply, you type your comment and the spreadsheet gives you the character count. I use it to prepare answers in advance of Tweet Chats so all I have to do is copy and paste into Twitter.


I also use it to prepare #FF (Follow Fridays), shout-outs, messages, etc.  and in the end it serves as an archive of my activity (even if now you can download your entire Twitter history). The beauty of it is that I can duplicate worksheets to have different ones for the various Tweet Chats, my tweets, mentions, etc. There is no limit to how you want to use it.

It also works with OpenOffice Calc and Google online docs so that you can store it in Google Drive and access it from anywhere.

Anyway, it is here for anyone to use. I’ve already setup the worksheet to handle 1000 Tweets. Feel free to modify it however you like, If you’re used to working with Excel you won’t have any problems with it…you may even make it better. If you have questions feel free to comment below.

Instructions are in the file itself… CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW TO DOWNLOAD and Happy Tweeting.

My Tweet Write and Store Tool by EnZzzoo

My Tweet Write and Store Tool by EnZzzoo


4 thoughts on “My Free Tweet Chat Tool for the Twitter Community

  1. Thanks Enzo,
    sounds the cocktail recipe better to get drunk. I’m still missing the oilve so, and you don’t advise whether to stir or shake the Tweet


  2. Hey, thank you! It is important to me to let you know I found your page really interesting, and I’m dragged into it as a bear would to a bee hive. Simply put, thanks for having put this site up.

    • Sorry I’m late replying, Francesco. Thank you for the kind comment and I’m glad you enjoy the site. I’ve been a bit pressed with other matters but I’ve got quite a few ideas for future articles…watch this space. 🙂

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