Something to throw darts at.

Hello, my name is Enzo Guardino. I’ve been working with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for over twenty years. My duties are multifaceted and we are called upon to perform many tasks which vary from Diplomatic/Consular responsibilities to General Administration.

In my Blog I attempt to provide fun tips, tricks and tools to help develop managerial skills. I feel that true Leadership cannot be taught completely, it is not a science but a skill that starts with being Human. Conventional and technical managerial training is always a good place to start but occasionally a different perspective can help…think outside the box and never give up!!

I don’t provide rocket science in my Blog. What I propose are simply my personal views and opinions, tried and tested over nearly thirty years in working environments spanning two continents, three countries and everything from retailing to government work.

In my spare time I enjoy many hobbies; I always wanted to be a professional billiards/snooker player, nearly made it but it was not to be; I still enjoy the sport immensely nonetheless. Another passion of mine is the internal combustion engine and motor sports of every kind. For relaxation and meditation I enjoy experimenting with digital art, which means that the majority of the graphics and artwork in my blog come from my contorted mind. It is a way for me to  showcase my techniques and, at the same time, add some colour and a visual aid to better represent my Blog’s contents.  My art is always signed with my dedicated website’s url – www.enzone.it – which for the moment is a work in progress…watch this space.

Happy Blogging,